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Prepare Your Home To Sell

Kevin Fruh

Raised in Newburyport, Kevin returned to the area in 2005 to begin a career in residential development...

Raised in Newburyport, Kevin returned to the area in 2005 to begin a career in residential development...

Jan 24 4 minutes read

Are you planning to sell in the next 12 months? If so, here are some easy ways to get your home in tip top shape and looking its very best before you list it. 

Changes in regulations require new smoke alarms in most homes. Replace your old smoke alarms with new ones and you'll make a great first impression and save yourself a headache come closing time. Not sure what you need? We're always happy to walk our clients through the process. 

With new advances in lighting, be sure your home shines brightly. Replace old light bulbs with new clean, white technology. Overwhelmed by the choices? Don't hesitate to ask the staff at your local hardware store. Just be sure to bring along the watt requirements of your specialty lighting.

Remember that list of odds and ends that you never seem to finish up? Get that list finished and you'll ensure buyers don't get distracted by a missing doorknob, the squeaky hinge or a leaking faucet. Those things you've learned to ignore, are the things they'll notice first.

Nothing says not enough storage like packed closets, crammed cabinets, stuffed attics and overflowing basements. Use the long winter months to work your way through each area, tossing, recycling and selling whatever you can to make those spaces look open and inviting.

Although buyers may not notice fingerprints on the doorways or dirt marks on the windows, both will take the shine off your home. An hour or two with a magic eraser and a bottle of window cleaner will make all the difference.

Children, pets, and everyday living quickly take their toll on trim work around the house. Scuffed and chipped spots can be easily freshened up with a quick coat of paint on baseboards and window sills. Don't forget to make sure it's a match in both colors and finish to the original paint.

Buyers judge how you've maintained your home by what it looks like inside your refrigerator and oven. Peek inside and see what you'd think. Not up to snuff? Use the next snowy afternoon to run the clean cycle on your stove and to wash out the inside of your fridge.

Serious buyers will often ask for maintenance costs associated with running a home. Save yourself a headache by putting together a spreadsheet now. Be sure to include any annual costs such as heat, hot water, specialized insurance or condo fees.

Don't let buyers see years of accumulated dust and dirt. If you've got forced hot air heat, vacuum out your vents and spray paint the interior of the vent black. Forced hot water? Tape off your radiators and spray paint them white. Be sure to tape carefully and use Rustoleum on
metal surfaces.

Make your home's first impression count. Reseal or repave your driveway, remove overgrown bushes and trees and clean up your landscape by adding mulch and flowers. Paint the exterior and repair and masonry or paving stones. These easy fixes go a long way.

Nothing ages a home like wallpaper. Buyers envision hours of work or a big expense and a huge
mess to remove. Now is your chance to stop them from clicking past your home online. Remove it before your home hits the market and you’ll eliminate the hurdle.

Don’t overlook the unfinished spaces of your home. They tell the full story of how your home has been kept up. Vacuum up dust bunnies inside your crawl spaces. Paint the basement and garage
floors. Have a dirt floor basement? Talk to a contractor about putting down crushed stone for a clean finish.

Want more tips and strategies to get top dollar? Ready to get started? Contact me today.

Want more tips and strategies to get top dollar? Ready to get started?

Contact Us Today!
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