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Start Your New Year Off Right

Alison Fruh

Alison’s passion for Newburyport runs deep...

Alison’s passion for Newburyport runs deep...

Jan 3 2 minutes read

Take the time to focus on yourself.

Flotation Therapy

A private room with a small saltwater pool that has more salt than the Dead Sea. Flotation therapy or "floating", brings your body to ultimate relaxation. The benefits of floating include decreased stress, stimulating the brain, uplifting endorphins, quick recovery, reduced muscle pains and migraines, and many other benefits for the body. 

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Heated Yoga

A great way to create balance, mindfulness, strength, and flexibility. Saltwater Yoga offers many different classes in their heated 90 degree studio that will bring your mind and body to ease and feel refreshed after a session. 

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Yoga + Massage

A boutique yoga studio offering vinyasa and traditional Ashtanga inspired yoga classes. They offer complementary practices of massage and nutrition coaching, giving you the opportunity to holistically nourish mind, body and soul.

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Therapeutic Massage

There are many benefits to getting a massage. Increased blood flow and circulation, releases endorphins, recovery and pain relief, relaxed muscles, joint flexibility, and many more benefits to the body.

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Specialized Massages

Specializing in back, neck, and shoulder relief. Massage practices learned around the world, to bring a happier and healthier life.

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