A Two-year Stalemate to Sold in One Weekend

After two long years of their home being for sale with no offers, Pam and Mario had just about given up. Their last "Hail Mary"? A visit from Kevin Fruh.

Read the Winter's story about their experience with Fruh Realty and what advice they have for you.

"We were ready to call it quits"

We had our home on the market with another agent for a couple of years. Everything was fine but nothing was happening. After a few price reductions, we were ready to call it quits and just keep the house for another couple of years.

My husband met Kevin at an open house that he was hosting. He offered to come over and take a look at our home, sit with us, and talk through his approach of how he would sell our home.

We decided to give him a call and have him over as a “Hail Mary” to get our home sold.

Why The Fruh Team?

When Kevin came over he was very nice. He was well-spoken, a good listener and took in everything we said. He did a walk-through of our home, and after that, he explained to us what his plan was and what he saw in our home.

"Kevin was present every step of the way."

Kevin was present every step of the way. Whether it was with the staging experts to make our home glow, the photographers to get the best angles, and even during the walkthrough with the new homeowners.

He listed our home on Wednesday, scheduled a showing for Friday, and we had a full-priced offer on Monday. Kevin was there for all of it.

What Stuck Out To You?

The sign he used in front of our home. It's one of the little things, but it mattered because we noticed it. Other real estate agents before came with two stakes in the ground, but Kevin’s sign was classy and very high quality.

How Was Kevin Different?

He put our needs first and did something that I've never seen real estate agents do before: he invested his own money into the marketing of our home. He brought in his own professional staging company, photographer, and he partners with a marketing company.

He came in to sell the house as soon as possible. He pulled it off, did everything in his power to make it sell as quickly and for as much as possible. He never jerked us around, never went months without contacting us, never tried to dilute us into anything. He was very concerned about us the whole time.

Professional Photography



Why Did Your Home Sell So Quick?

In the end, it sold because the write up was great, the photos were beautiful, and Kevin was there the whole time. It was clear that he was top-shelf.

Pam's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to 

never assume that every real estate agent does the same thing because they don't.

You don’t give it much thought until you jump right into it. You go with somebody and hope for the best, but sometimes it takes two years to find the best.

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